MentionMapp: My Connection Through Film

Graphic by Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan is a useful tool for any social media strategist looking to explore twitter trends and grow their platform. When exploring MentionMapp, I was not surprised to find one of my most frequently used hashtags was #Oscars. I am a huge film fan who spends most of my evenings watching movies and writing reviews. This leads me to my second discovery, one of my most frequent Twitter mentions relate to is a social media website designed for film lovers to write reviews, categorize films into lists, follow other film fans, discover new films, among many other film related activities.

MentionMapp for dananabana19 is not a well known social media site, but is a brand I use frequently. Therefore, I decided to explore some insights and identify ways to grow this brand that I deeply admire.

Identifying Influencers

From using Letterboxd frequently, I know that filmmaker Sean Baker, director of popular indie films such as The Florida Project and Tangerine, uses the website to post reviews and promote upcoming films. However, when I searched Sean Baker’s official twitter, I found no connection to To my surprise, I instead found a connection to rival brand This would make Sean Baker an unpopular choice to endorse the Letterboxd.

With a little extra research, I browsed Letterboxd’s followers. When I searched through I found a few verified accounts, making them the most attractive candidates for potential influencers. One particular account that struck me was @bymeg who identifies as Meg Zukin, a writer for Variety, a popular entertainment magazine. With her connections to popular brands and over 9,000 followers, this makes her an ideal choice to partner with.

Hyperlink Insights

My next step was to do a general search of @letterboxd in MentionMapp’s search. I found a connection to The Movie Database, a popular movie database website based out of Canada. Since there seems to be a positive connection between the two brands, I would consider The Movie Database to be a strong candidate for a strategic business partnership.

Finally, when taking a closer look at the Letterboxd map, I noticed that letterboxd used the #NYFF hashtag numerous times. When exploring the @NYFF page, I found that it represents the 58th New York Film Festival. Currently, the group is hosting a Film Festival that runs through October 11th. The group has over 48,000 followers and their hashtag has been mentioned by some very popular entertainment outlets, such as The New Yorker and Indiewire. Popular film critics from those brands such as David Ehrlich of Indiewire used the #NYFF as well. As a social media strategist, I would identify this as an event Letterboxd would want to be involved in.


By using MentionMapp I was able to identify some valuable connections and business insights. I would want to reach out to Meg Zukin from Variety and The Movie Database to propose possible partnerships.

My next step would be to reach out to the New York City Film Festival in hopes of participating in their current Film Festival to gain recognition for my brand.

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