Content Analysis: Doris Day Animal League

Doris Day Animal League Logo

Content Analysis is extremely important as it can provide important information related to how your audience finds and interacts with a website. Providing frequent content audits and analysis’ can determine how likely your desired audience will click on your page and interact with the page once they have navigated to it.

Doris Day Animal League

I chose to perform a content audit and analysis for the Doris Day Animal League website. This nonprofit is dedicated to legendary actress, Doris Day. The organization’s mission is to educate the community on animal abuse and animal rights, as well as promoting causes and creating legislation.

The report analyses the content across 5 major categories:

  • SEO– The abbreviated term for Search Engine Optimization, proper SEO determines how likely a user will choose your page from a search. Everyone has specific needs when searching online, so without the use of proper page titles or meta data, the user may be deterred or confused if the description does not align with their goals.
  • ACCESSIBILITY– which determines how all audiences can perceive the content.
  • CONTENT– The content communicates the major goals and messaging to users.
  • WRITING– This section determines how clear and concisely the text is written. Having clear and concise text prevents users from getting bored and navigating away from your page.
  • ARCHITECTURE– This is important for accessing how easy it is for the user to navigate between pages and the actions they can perform when scrolling through each page.

I used the application Screaming Frog SEO Spider 14.1 to provide comprehensive data related to the page titles, headers, meta descriptions, and image information like alt tags.


Preforming this content analysis provided important information related to the current state of the Doris Day Animal League. While the writing within the website provided good insight of the organization and it’s missions, there are a lot of usability issues and SEO improvements that need to be made. The website is simple, but almost too simple (below is a visual representation of the website structure provided by Screaming Frog SEO Spider 14.1.)

Data Visualization of SEO Spider crawl for Doris Day Animal League

The website could be more searchable by using meta descriptions and better page titles. Additionally, although the content is well written, it would benefit from using more current features, like scrolling social media feeds to make the content more up-to-date, relevant, and compelling.

The PDF to the full Content Analysis of the Doris Day Animal League website can be found here.

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