Does Josh Allen Deserve A Contract Extension? Data Visuals Explain


Approaching the 2021 NFL season, talks of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen began to surface. The biggest question was: will the Bills and Allen reach a contract agreement, and does Allen deserve the big paycheck potentially coming his way? To provide depth analysis of this story, I researched past Bills seasons and the successful 2020 season. After combing through all the Josh Allen statistics, I created data visuals that narrated the story of the Buffalo Bills’ past seasons and what made Josh Allen such a success in the previous season.


Research showed that Josh Allen is deserving of a higher paying contract based on his record of improvement, his contributions to the Bill’s success, and his ranking against other highly paid quarterbacks in the 2020 season. Areas of improvement for Josh Allen involved increasing his touchdown percentage and lowering his rate of interceptions.

Infogram Charts

Chart 1-

Chart 2-

Chart 3-

Chart 4-

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