Mini-UX Design Portfolio


I created a mini-portfolio that summarized key principles of UX Design. In seven weeks, I created detailed personas that represented website audiences and created examples of ideation methodology through analysis of gaming apps. Some of those methodologies included: sketching, mind mapping, and “the worst possible idea.” Additionally, I created a detailed analysis comparing the user experience design and user interface of two movie blogging platforms: and  To conclude my study, I created a thorough journey map chronicling pet adoption.


This course helped me develop strong research skills by spending multiple days analyzing websites. Additionally, I found ways to get creative if I am presented with a design project. I am confident in both my deep thinking, research, and user-based design abilities.

The Backstory: Understanding UI/UX Design

Being a planner and researcher by nature, it is important for me to understand audiences and thoroughly researching my topic before making decisions. In my current position, I plan month long projects, so it is important to research the project from prior years, find the right editors for the job, and communicate my planning process across departments. This course helped with my methodology in the process of planning.

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