Motor Neurone Disease Association Content Strategy Analysis


Motor Neurone Disease Association Logo

The Motor Neurone Disease Association is a non-profit based in the United Kingdom dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by MND. Through a thorough examination of the Motor Neurone Disease website and the Bernard Marr marketing strategy report created for the non-profit, I was able to craft three business objectives to analyze against the website content, and three key performance indicators that can be used to track performance and measure success. This was an essential part of determining whether or not the content properly aligns with the business objectives.

My full content strategy analysis can be downloaded below.


After researching the website and reading the marketing strategy report, I identified these business objectives:

  1. Engage users through knowledge and learning
  2. Raise funds that contribute to research grants
  3. Maintain current volunteers and attract new volunteers
Heuristic Evaluation

I conducted a heuristic evaluation that examined how successful the website was against nine heuristics. These heuristics measured everything from how the site looks to a typical user and how easily they can navigate the website. It was determined that the content was professional and well-written, but may not be understandable for those who do not speak or read English. Additionally, the donation function only displayed one currency. Therefore, the website could attract a wider audience by becoming more universal.

Finally, it is important to determine a plan for how I identified three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will measure their success:

  1. Revenue raised by fundraising through the website
  2. Tracking volunteer membership
  3. Tracking content views and click-through rates (CTR)

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