The Effects of COVID-19 on the Film Industry


With theaters closing nationwide amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I conducted a thorough research report with custom made data-based graphics that told the story of the box office pre-pandemic and the landslides occurring during the pandemic, the American public’s viewpoint on movie theaters versus digital formatting from poll data, and the theater reopening plan displayed on a color map.

I used a variety of data visualization graphics including custom made pie charts, bar chart comparisons, and color maps to display the data in the most easily digestible way. This helped enhance the data by making it into a story, rather than a bunch of numbers and statistics.

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The research revealed a lot about the public’s shifting viewpoints amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While movie theaters were forecasted to make a comeback, the public noted that there were going to have to be strong safety measures in place. The research also showed the rise in digital format. This proved a shift in the film industry and distribution.

The Backstory: COVID-19 and The Film Industry

One of my favorite activities before the coronavirus pandemic was getting up early enough to catch the $5 Sunday matinee movie at my local movie theater. However, a year and a half later, I still felt wary of entering the dark theaters that once provided comfort. This made me question how the closure of movie theaters and the rise of digital format effected the film industry, this led to the realization that the film industry. This led to the realization that the film industry is shifting their methods of distribution like they never have before.

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