Content Strategy Proposal: John Paul II Center


In December 2020, The Institute of International Education submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) asking for submissions to redesign the John Paul II Center for Interreligious Dialogue, or “John Paul II Center” website.

The John Paul II Center is an organization that works closely with The Russell Berrie Foundation and the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. The university is based in Rome, Italy, but is considered to be a global company.

The university’s campus, known as “The Angelicum”, offers two learning programs for their fellows, either a diploma or license option, and provides an opportunity for students to participate in a study tour to Israel. They also provide grants, network development, resources and assemblies for alumni.

The website’s target audience consists of students and faculty, alumni, and religious leaders from all over the world.

The Project

To best support the redesign, I compiled a comprehensive report that outline the most important aspects of content planning, strategy, and design.

  • A Content Analysis and Audit that assesses the current content and provides suggestions for improvement
  • A Competitor Analysis that evaluates three competitor’s websites and highlights suggestions for the John Paul Center website based on what competitors are creating.
  • A Content Strategy Report that identifies key variables in determining the audience and their needs, establishing a core strategy statement that aligns the business objectives with the user needs, and how to measure success through key performance indicators.
  • A Content Design report that outlines three important steps in designing content that aligns with both the business and user needs: prioritization, organization and presentation.
  • Next Steps that outline the essential roles, responsibilities, and process for maintaining content that can adapt and change as technology advances.

The link to project can be accessed below.

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