Content Strategy Report: The Motor Neurone Disease Association

Motor Neurone Disease Association Logo

Content Strategy reports are an important factor in deciding whether or not your content (in this case- on the website and digital platforms) properly aligns with your business’ goals and objectives. Properly aligning the business goals and the content help your business focus on a few important goals and prevent a disconnect between the business and their audience.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association: A Content Strategy Study

The Motor Neurone Disease Association is a non-profit based in the United Kingdom dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by MND. Through a thorough examination of the Motor Neurone Disease website and the Bernard Marr marketing strategy report created for the non-profit, I was able to craft three business objectives to analyze against the website content, and three key performance indicators that can be used to track performance and measure success.

Business GoalsContent Objectives
Engage users through knowledge and learning  Provide current and up-to-date information on research studies on the website.
Provide content related to professional care and resources.
Create interactive content that is easy and useful for all users.
  Raise funds that contribute to research grants  Provide easily accessible links to donation pages.
Provide content related to achievements to promote donating.
  Maintain current volunteers and attract new volunteersCreate a community for volunteers to connect and engage.
Provide stories of those living with MND to create a call to action.
Provide easily accessible membership links.
Motor Neurone Disease Business Goals and Content Objectives from Content Strategy Report

Ultimately, the goal was to decide whether or not the content on the current website properly aligns with the three business objectives discovered.


It was determined that the content on the Motor Neurone Disease association mostly align with the business objectives. However, some additional content can be added to make website more inclusive to a wider audience. Additionally, more up-to-date written and video content could be added and tracked to measure performance.

The PDF to the full Content Strategy Analysis of The Motor Neurone Disease Association can be found below.

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